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L`Abel – Ludmita

I’m not a runway model (in both RL and SL :P ) and I know I’ll never become one. There’s something about that battle with lag, trying to get all the pieces of clothing attached and then praying not to crash that tells me it prolly ain’t the best job for me.

Ludmita, one of the pieces in the Fall ’09 collection by L`Abel does make me feel like a runway model. It’s bold, creative and gorgeous.

L`Abel - Ludmita

Now you might be looking at the picture thinking ‘but how will this look when moving around/dancing?’ and I can tell you..I tried and it looks gorgeous. The collar and sleeves are flexi and have a great flow which looks great when moving around. The a-line skirt looks great when dancing/walking even though it’s sculpted.

Go check out the entire fall collection at Ivalde classic vintage fashion & -L`Abel- couture

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