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TearSong Vaughan’s SL

Evie’s Faery


Faery, a tribute to Faery Sola is the latest release by Evie’s Closet. Now this set is mix ‘n match heaven. Containing 4 different types of pants, 3 different tops, 4 different skirts and including the wings I can’t even begin to mention the possibilities of this outfit. It’s avaliable in 5 different colors so you can even try to mix ‘n match the different colors.


First picture is Faery in Pixie Purple and the second picture is Faery in Dryad Green. Other available colors are Selkie Blue, Nymph Red and Unseelie Black.

Faery at Evie’s Closet

Blowpop N2 Elizabeth

The skin I’m wearing in the second picture deserves some extra attention. It’s one of the new makeups for Blowpop’s Elizabeth. The makeup is Anaconda 1 in tone B. If you haven’t checked out the Elizabeth skins by Blowpop go check them out, the new makeups are simply amazing. They are on sale now at Blowpop on Boudoir.

Blowpop slurl

Click the pictures for further credits!

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